Google Upcoming Changes. Are You Ready?

12June 2019

Google is once again, no surprise, making changes to their algorithm. Google started their initial roll-out on their new algorithm in March 2019. This new algorithm change may impact your Google search engine rankings.

Ranking on the first page of Google should be every businesses goal. In trying to make this happen, some businesses/people will try to outsmart Google and do things that are not appropriate, such as trying to get backlinks from private blogging networks.

Backlinks will help in search engine ranking, however, they must be from quality websites. So having a backlinking strategy is important and there are others things that webmasters can do to improve their rankings according to Google’s new algorithm changes.

First, security is a big thing for Google, and it should be for your site as well, so Google is favoring sites that have a SSL certificate. You will know if your site is SSL certified when there is a https instead of only

Second, if you have a blog, be sure to add an Author Byline. Google wants to promote quality information from experts. By adding an author Byline you will be indicating to Google that you are a person and you have some credibility. This will be more important for websites in the healthcare, wellness, and finance industries.

As mentioned above, Google wants better available information from experts. Be sure to scrap duplicate content. This is content on your website that is not original content. If the content was taken from another website, this is not original content. Apparently Google can tell immediately if the content on your website is original or not. Instead of trying to figure a way around this, make sure your content writer is writing original content and add an author byline.

In all business, personal branding is part of an overall marketing strategy. Be sure to add an “About Us” page that contain testimonials and customer reviews.

Lastly, and this in not part of Google’s latest algorithm change, however, it is worth repeating. Google wants to deliver information to you fast and accurate. Google takes into account your websites loading speed. Be sure to have a fast loading speed to improve your search rankings.

Also, Google favors websites that are mobile optimized, which will help with loading speed.

This is nothing really new. Google has, for a long time, have given preference to fast loading websites and mobile optimized, however, it is worth repeating. So have a mobile optimized site because more people are searching on their cell phones and tablets more and more everyday.

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